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Current solutions don't allow enterprises to efficiently and cost effectivley find and hire high-quality freelancers.
We believe enterprises deserve a faster, better and fairer option to connect with the talent they need. We are building it.

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Independent Mobile, Web, Hybrid, NodeJS Developer

"Adal has been developing Mobile Apps, Backends and Frontends for 10 years"

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Software Architect, Developer, Speaker, Author and Mentor

"Software Architect, Developer, Speaker, Author and Mentor"

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Hoplance provides enterprises with high-quality freelancers to work on challenging projects or to address short-term skills shortages.


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Pay safely per hour or per milestone depending on agreed terms (rates, start date, deliverables, approach etc.) and according to scheduled goals.


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The way enterprises connect with high-quality freelancers is broken. It's either too expensive or too much hit and miss. We are committed to fixing the issue once and for all.


We make sure that freelancers have a track record.

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Stay in control of the whole project process - from procurement to payment.

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